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Bernard Engraving Co

Signage and Identification solutions for the real world.

Custom Plates..If you need a custom plate out of plastic or stainless steel, we can do it for you. Here are some recent jobs.
If you want a custom 1/2 inch x 1-1/2 inch Bernard Identi-Plate; order here. Black or Red.

GOOD NEWS!!! Most of the online store is operational. Please contact Bernard at 1-800-654-2094 for assistance on items not working.

Bernard Engraving is your source for signage. From the small identification plates for switches, to 12" fabric sail letters, Bernard has it all.

The Nautically Inspired Clothes Pin Sea Snap is available in Clear, Yellow or Teal.

Wash Your Hands  Health Awareness Plaques.  Help stop the spread of Swine Flu (H1N1) and other diseases.

Adhesive backed pressure sensitive vinyl and molded plastic numbers and letters from 1" to 7" are available in a range of colors and styles.

Those tiny plaques that identify which switch does what are available in 155 different stocked
Bernard Identi-Plates (Order On-Line)

Those plaques that you always laughed at when you got in your friend's boat are manufactured by Bernard. Many truths can be easily told with humor with a Bernard Fun Plaque (Order On-Line)

Those door plaques that help your new boating friends find the head are here. (Order On-Line)

If you are looking for Coast Guard compliance labeling (Order On-Line) and plaques (Order On-Line)
Bernard has many in stock and ready for shipment.

When you need a rigid, high contrast place to mount your registration number, you should get a pair of Bernard Registration Plates in either 24" or 32". We have a 24" long contrast flexible label also.

Lightweight winch handles have been made by Bernard for years. Available in 8" or 10", they won't slow you down.

Molded plastic textured cover plates are available in black and white. Bernard has it all.(Order On-Line)

**NEW** Powerboat abd Sailboat manager series logs are now available. (Order On-Line)

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